Why Tucci?


As the bat of choice for over one third of Pro Baseball hitters, all Tucci Baseball Bats are held to the highest standard to sustain peak performance.

After years of combining firsthand knowledge of professional players’ needs, extensive technical research and constant design and manufacturing process refinement, Tucci Baseball Bats have become the gold standard of the industry.


Our manufacturing process includes:

tucci-web-meth1.jpgStart with premium billets of hand split wood: This wood produces a stronger, more durable bat that is more consistent in manufacturing high performance bats.




Precision CNC Lathes: Cut billets into custom sized bats with extreme accuracy.




tucci-web-meth3.jpgHand-sanding: We sand each and every bat by hand to ensure the bat is perfectly smooth and ready for maximum performance.




Steel Burnishing: Compress the wood to make the bat harder. This results in more 'POP' off the bat. Since the wood is already compressed, the compression that normally happens when the ball makes contact with the bat is eliminated.



tucci-web-meth5.jpgHigh End Ultra Hard Finishes: Together with chemists we created what we believe is the hardest finish available, as well as the most unique looking. We offer an array of colors, giving you the ability to mix and match as you choose.